NC Cylindrical Grinders and Conventional Grinders

NC Cylindrical Grinders and Conventional grinders allow for NC and conventional OD and angle grinding w/ arbor.

The grinders are equipped with a variable speed workhead, independent hydraulics and automatic lubrication system to ensure an exceptional grinding accuracy.

The workhead that moves within a 90° range counterclockwise and 30ºclockwise.


Technical parameters NC Cylindrical Grinders EGP Series / Manual series

Model EGP 2050
EGP 2550
60/100/150/200 H/NC
General capacityDistance between centresmm500500600/1,000/1,500/2,000
Swing over tablemmØ 220Ø 260Ø 320/Ø 380/Ø 450
Max. grinding diameter mmØ 200Ø 250Ø 300/Ø 360/Ø 430
Max. load held between centrekg8080150
StôlSwiveling angle (left/right) ±8°±8°±9°/±7°/±5°/±3°
Traverse speedmm/min80/140/23030 − 7 00030 − 7,000
Handwheel per revolutionmm91010
Grinding wheeldiameter x width x bore mmØ 355 x 38 x Ø 127Ø 405 x 50 x Ø 127Ø 405 x 50 x Ø 127
Spindle speed 60 Hz/50 Hz rpm1,620/1,9601,8001,650
WheelheadSwiveling angle (left/right) fixed±30°±30°
Infeed travelmm160135245
Manual infeedmm16090200
Top slide travelmm-180180
Automatic increment infeed (NC model)mm-Ø 0.001 − Ø 0.999Ø 0.001 − Ø 0.999
Automatic increment infeed (H model)mm-4545
Handwheel per graduationmmØ 0.005Ø 0.004 (0.001/0.01/0.1 MPG)Ø 0.004 (0.001/0.01/0.1 MPG)
Handwheel per revolutionmmØ 2 (0,01/0,1/1 MPG)Ø 2 (0,01/0,1/1 MPG)Ø 2 (0,01/0,1/1 MPG)
WorkheadSwiveling angle range±45°±45°±90°
Spindle speedrpm150/264/356/480150/264/356/48030 ~ 350
Centre taperMT3 (5C opt.)MT3 (5C opt.)MT4 (MT5, 5C opt.)
TailstockQuill travelmm252525
Centre taperMT3MT3MT4 (MT5 opt.)
Internal grindingSpindle speed rpm14,000/25,00012,000/18,000/25,000 (40,000/50,000 opt.)12,000/18,000/25,000 (40,000/50,000 opt.)
Max. grinding boremmØ 24 −70Ø 30 − 100/Ø20 − 50Ø 30 − 100/Ø 20 − 50
Max. grinding lengthmm70110/55110/55
Max. chucking lengthmm275315315
Max. chucking diametermmØ 110Ø 150Ø 150
MotorWheel spindle motorkW2.23 3.67 5.51
Workhead spindle motorkW0.360.361.47
Coolant pumpkW0.090.090.18
Hydraulic pumpkW-1.471.47
Internal grinding motorkW0.361.471.47
MachineNet weightkg1,8002,8003,500/3,600/4,700/6,000
Gross weightkg2,2503,2004,000/4,700/5,600/6,780
Packing size
(l x w x h)
mm2,270 x 2,270 x 1,8802,280 x 2,280 x 1,9403,030 x 2,250 x 2,033

Selecting the workpiece shape

Plunge grinding
Plunge grinding
Traverse grinding w/ a chuck
Traverse grinding w/ a chuck
Taper grinding w/ a chuck
Taper grinding w/ a chuck
Traverse grinding w/ 2-centres support
Traverse grinding w/ 2-centres support
Taper grinding w/ 2-centres support
Taper grinding w/ 2-centres support
Surface grinding
Surface grinding
Shoulder grinding
Shoulder grinding